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Looking for a way to reach your customers by text? Or maybe there's an urgent email you need to send?
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Hi! I'm Senad, CEO of cloudHQ. We made this product because we wanted to increase the urgency of email. This is a sure way to do that! It's also a really handy tool to send special offers to your customers by text if you have their mobile numbers. Read all about it in our latest blog post: https://blog.cloudhq.net/extreme...
@sdizdar1 Have an idea about this - could we chat 'offline'?
@batsirai_chada Definitely. Just email as me at senad.dizdar@cloudHQ.net - I love hearing about new ideas or suggestions.
My dream is alive, thanks!
@goldman_artem As are lots of new immigrants who use @visa_bot, it seems! Will you be auto-texting your prospects?
So simple, its genius.
@sarim_haq Thanks, Sariq! I just tried the Hillary vs Donald bot that you hunted. It's so funny! :)
Does it have contact sync? Most of people doesn't know numbers so that i need to check on mobile phone.
@burak_ozkan Great question. We don't sync contacts with your mobile phone, but you can do that automatically with your google contacts for android or iphone devices. These links might help: iphone: https://discussions.apple.com/th... and android: https://productforums.google.com...