Instant messaging meets email (by Microsoft)



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Heatherm Huang 黄何Hiring@heathermhuang · CO-founder, MailTime
Months ago Microsoft's Flow (Now "Send") leaked and Business Insider commented "This is not a new idea: A startup called @MailTimeApp offers a very similar kind of app." Right now Send supports only part of Office 365 accounts, @MailTimeApp also works with Gmail/Google Apps, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL,, QQ Mail, Netease 163 etc.
Ben LangHunter@benln · Spoke
Reminds me a lot of Hop. Wonder how this relates to Accompli. Microsoft is on a roll.
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
@benln or TD,LR israeli made
Mario Hall@nadomars · Co-Founder / Designer @CymbalFM
@ourielohayon @benln actually, this was made by Microsoft Garage, which is a program that exists in both Microsoft's Redmond and Cambridge, MA offices.
Charlie Sheng@charlie_sheng · writing stories for startups
This does seem to be part of the previously leaked project Flow. : ) This morning many friends have been sending the Send news to us because "we share a similar function". However, I believe we share different visions about email and communication. Send looks like a fun tool for in and out team communication, and it's going to benefit the exchange users a lot. (it does not sync all your inbox, but just those you've started with on Send) MailTime is an Open Messenger that is compatible with emails. We try to connect everyone with the magical open protocol of email (but more than email). It’s email as quick and easy as texting, and messaging without forcing your contacts to all download the same app.
Chris MessinaPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Why build this on top of email? Backwards compatibility?
Jon Lee@jonlee108 · Product Manager
@chrismessina Microsoft is heavily invested in Outlook, Exchange, etc, whereas they have no momentum in other messaging mediums.
Corey Breier@itscoreyb · Agent at Invisible Technologies
@jonlee108 @chrismessina not to mention that email is the only open communication medium that everyone on earth already has. Microsoft is clever to build a messenger that can talk to anyone out of the box, rather than a branded, closed Whatsapp-style platform
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
A nice effort by Satya and co., but Microsoft should just buy Slack, whatever the cost. Slack may be valued at like $3 billion, but even at $20 it would probably be well worth Microsoft's cash.