Semaphore 2.0

Fastest CI/CD platform for world’s best engineering teams


Take your CI/CD practise to the next level with Semaphore 2.0.

It comes with:

- powerful and fully customizable CI/CD pipelines,

- fully customizable stages,

- parallel execution,

- control flow switches,

- secrets and dependency management.

All this within a “pay as you grow” model to enable you to scale up quickly and painlessly.

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Chai Phonbopit
Yasha Prikhodko
 +10 reviews
  • Diego Rodríguez Baquero
    Diego Rodríguez BaqueroStudent, Geek & Entrepreneur

    Easy to setup, pricing model


    Not widely used, more people should use it

    It just works, and pricing model is very flexible!

    Diego Rodríguez Baquero has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Great UI, Simple, Fast, CLI, YAML


    Early stage

    I tried others CI's but Semaphore was the best, the 2.0 is way better than the first, easy setup, works nice with docker, great secrets configs

    Filipe Roman Veloso has used this product for one month.