Semaphore 2.0

Fastest CI/CD platform for world’s best engineering teams

Take your CI/CD practise to the next level with Semaphore 2.0.

It comes with:

- powerful and fully customizable CI/CD pipelines,

- fully customizable stages,

- parallel execution,

- control flow switches,

- secrets and dependency management.

All this within a “pay as you grow” model to enable you to scale up quickly and painlessly.

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13 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Hunters 😺 My name is Marko and I'm a co-founder of Semaphore. Over the last 6 years, Semaphore has been helping engineering teams deliver great products at high velocity. We've just launched Semaphore 2.0 which is a rewritten version of the fastest CI/CD system available on the market. It comes with fully customizable CI/CD pipelines - no more limits in terms of what process you can model. It also departs from the traditional CI pricing based on a fixed number of workers - it auto-scales according to your team’s actual needs and you won’t pay when you’re not using it. We think you’re really going to love it. Let us know what you think! Happy to answer any of your questions 👇 Marko and the Semaphore team
Hey @markoa We have been using Semaphore at Productive for years now and it's the best CI/CD tool on the market in my opinion. Looking forward to new features you bring with Semaphore 2.0!
@jan_varljen Hey Jan, Thank you so much! Infinum is an amazing company and we're proud to serve you folks for all these years. Best of luck with Productive!

I tried others CI's but Semaphore was the best, the 2.0 is way better than the first, easy setup, works nice with docker, great secrets configs


Great UI, Simple, Fast, CLI, YAML


Early stage

Very happy to hear that, thanks Filipe for your kind review. Indeed the days are early but S2 is running on the same battle-tested infrastructure as S1. 💪
Haven't tried 2.0 yet, but have been using Semaphore for years at multiple companies (currently using at Userfeed). Big fan of the product and the team. Congrats on the launch @markoa @darkofabijan @wojtekidd and team!
@conarro Thanks for the kind words! Don't be shy and give S 2.0 a try 😸
@wojtekidd 👍 definitely going to give it a shot!

It just works, and pricing model is very flexible!


Easy to setup, pricing model


Not widely used, more people should use it

Thank you Diego. We really ❤️ the cons 😄