Personalized health recommendations based on your genes.

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Joe Cohen is my primary trusted source of biohacking advice via his site: SelfDecode is a super interesting new product, which can give you really interesting insights based on your DNA. It's like 23andme, but with actionable outputs.
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Hi Alan, Looks interesting as I have my data from 23andme, but also a lot of questions here, some of the most obvious are: 1) Credibility. As health information is VERY sensitive, then, first of all, I will try to evaluate the credibility and accuracy of the recommendations you provide. From how your algorithms work to whether your team or organization has the required expertise and training to provide that kind of information, and more! 2) Why would I need a monthly subscription? At this point from the home page and "how it works" that was not very clear to me how it ACTUALLY works. The explanatory video is quite long to get the first quick understanding of the product (but could be good when I'm ready to learn all the details about it). Hope to find the answers and actually try it out! Good luck!
@aleks_muse Hi Aleksandra - 1) we curate published information that is available on both public and paid databases, and then our team of experts (with graduate degrees in life sciences) manually edit and curate this information to ensure correctness and accessibility. In the near future, we are looking at using more advanced data analysis tools including machine learning and data mining. 2) Because features are being released on a regular basis. In addition, new studies are being published every day (which we don't have control of, but we do update our database regularly) so what you get today could be different from what you get tomorrow.
@natchamaithai thank you for the answer!
Hey everyone! I'm one of the makers behind SelfDecode, happy to answer any of your questions :). If you are more curious about our founding story you can check out our interview on indiehackers where we share what we learned and how we struggled until now. Hope you like :))))))
Cool! 23andMe user here and I love the idea of actually doing something with the data.
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms are not a good source of information and hunting for clinically relevant SNPs is a hunt for the black swan. Meh.
@datarade what makes you say that?
@datarade you are right, and we are aware of that. Just that the SNPs are the most accessible information right now. This is why we don't stick to a few SNPs with most studies on them, but we rather analyze all the data instead. We do tell people that SNPs isn't everything because there's a lot more to genetic expression and phenotypes, but having this data and access to the analysis is empowering. This is why we have pathway tools to look at all the genes together in context with the symptoms. Maybe someone could criticize 23andme for not releasing the real raw data that would make CNVs available... lol those could actually be a lot more informative than the SNPs. If you are familiar with this sort of data, it's possible to extract CNV data from the signals from this chip.
@datarade came into this product just to CTRL+F and find your comment