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Customer data infrastructure


Today we’re releasing Segment’s latest product, Personas, to the world. Personas uses a new identity graph to combine your data into a 360° user record —and you get to compute new traits & audiences on top.

Our beta customers were able to drive a 50% lift in customer engagement, 10% reduction in ad spend, and 33% increase in ad conversions.

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Tried multiple times to get a proper demo for Personas to sell it internally. The sales took over a week to respond and when they did kept treating me like we had no cash and shouldn't bother.

I'm the brand manager for two superannuation companies... we HAVE money.

Really not impressed.


Marketing and application of the product looks great.


Sales team couldn't seem to care less.

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Hey Seán! I'm one of the co-founders here at Segment, and not pumped at all that you had that experience, its def not the norm or what we strive for. Let's fix it! I'd love to give you a personal demo of Personas and work with you to get you any info you need. Send me an email to ilya @ and I'll jump on the phone same day. Looking forward to chatting!