Searchable GDPR

Easily search in the official GDPR text thanks to Algolia


Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the 11 chapters and 99 articles of the GDPR text? You can now search them in 24 languages with Algolia!

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Alexandre Mouriec
Savvas Zortikis
Daniel Li
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  • Daniel Li
    Daniel LiFullstack JavaScript Developer

    Simple, intuitive, does what it says on the tin!


    None. Nada. Zilch.

    This will help anyone who is working on GDPR-compliance (everyone these days!) to navigate through some very very long pieces of text.

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  • Matthieu de Luze
    Matthieu de LuzeCo-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media

    Simple, complete and efficient tool to really understand everything about GDPR



    I've been wondering how to have both a complete but easy look at everything about GDPR and you guys from Algolia made it :) Thanks

    Matthieu de Luze has used this product for one day.