ScreenTime is a screen sharing plugin for FaceTime (for macOS). It appears as a webcam on FaceTime and lets you show your desktop during a FaceTime video call.

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Seems nice, congrats on shipping! Just a heads up that Screen Time is the name of the built-in iOS 12 feature that measure your time on each app and that may come to macOS as well :)
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I've never had the need to share my screen via FaceTime, but maybe there's a use case or audience of people that do? Curious to know more, @bibhasbibhas. 🤔
Hi @rrhoover :), Screen sharing on FaceTime is one of those features you didn't know you wanted, but once you use it, there's no going back. With ScreenTime, we're going after more casual use cases like shopping on amazon, viewing photos together, picking the right AirBnB, helping dad figure out technology etc, as opposed to heavy duty uses cases like long conference calls or tech support (after all, most people use FaceTime to chat with family and friends). In the last week alone, I've FaceTime-ed my brother with ScreenTime and helped him fix his linker errors on Xcode, helped him pick a pair of sunglasses for my mom on SunglassHut and decided on the hotel we're going to stay at during our Christmas vacation in Singapore this winter. (I must mention, we live half way around the world from each other.)
@bibhasbibhas @rrhoover Yeah I surprisingly have an older client that would love this. They don't know how to dial into a screen share so we always facetime or call and then I "try to screen share" but it never works out. I can see this as being a good and easy solution to finally be able to share my screen.
Why would sharing your screen on Facetime be that important that will cost $10?))) how often would one need it??
@astghik_azaryan It depends what you use FaceTime for, to be honest. Pretty much my whole extended family buys Apple, so we use FaceTime pretty often. FaceTime plays a big part in our lives. So, when I'm talking to my granny and she complains about nobody having shown her my 2 yr old niece's latest photos on IG, I pull up ScreenTime and show them to her. Some other day, I might be checking in on my brother, and he might have a question or two for me about C++. So, ScreenTime really helps in situations like these where, mid conversation, you decide you want to show the other person a photo, or a webpage or a demo of some sort. Now whether it's worth $10, that's for you to decide. I must mention, I have a generous trial in place, so there's no risk in taking the app out for a spin. The trial is unlimited and lets you screen share for up to a minute per call.
@astghik_azaryan I, for one, see lots of use cases for this - and to not have to rely on a separate service would be fantastic. As @bibhasbibhas pointed out, this is not something I realized I wanted until I saw this. E.g. My family all lives in other countries but asks me for assistance all the time. They're not very technically inclined, and solutions like Skype, etc just don't work well. We end up FaceTiming - and they point their phone at the screen. Minor things, but this changes everything. Admittedly, the pricing is odd in the use cases that I find valuable. You pay $10 so you can share your screen, but in reality - what do I do? Pay $10 for each of my family members that would need this with instructions on how to install?
@etc What kind of pricing would you be most comfortable with? I'm all ears :)
@bibhasbibhas This may be very "use case specific," but given the fact that your stated use cases all seem to revolve around existing relationships / family, perhaps a family one makes sense. One time fee for x number of installations and make it easier to send someone a link to download and have it "pre-licensed" or they receive a link in the mail based on your invitation that gives them a unique license. Something like that.
@bibhasbibhas thanks for very thorough answer))
But, why wouldn't I use the build-in screen sharing in on my Mac?
@joid screensharing only works across macs, so mac->mac. ScreenTime, on the other hand, can be used mac -> iOS device.
Ok, so I see the point here is the other one is using iPad, iPhone etc. You can using mac and ScreenTime your computer to them to show stuff. This is the main point difference to using iMessage Share right?
@o1xhack Yup, that is correct.
@bibhasbibhas What's the "free unlimited trial" ?? Is that using free but you will collect usage data?
@o1xhack The trial never expires, but usage is capped at 1 min / call. So if you wanted to screen share for more than a minute, you'd have to hang up and start a new video call. ScreenTime doesn't collect any data whatsoever. It's just a virtual webcam.