Bruno Lemos

Bruno Lemos




Maker’s goals
  1. 🛠 Build my first for-profit product

    Lachlan Kirkwood
    Prashant Nigam
    Joshua Tabakhoff
  2. 📒 Move all my notes and tasks to Notion

    Alexandre Mouriec
    Julie Chabin
    Nieves Abalos
  3. 🏠 Move to the big city (and live alone for the 1st time)

    Ryan Hoover
    Nishanth Samala
    Kevin Guebert
  4. 💪 Get back to the gym and workout more often forever

    Duarte Martins
    Evan Cherry
    Amrith Shanbhag
  5. 🌎 Work in public so I get feedbacks plus accountability

    Julie Chabin
    Amrith Shanbhag
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