The simplest way to organize and manage mobile screenshots.

#2 Product of the DayMay 20, 2014
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I posted this a few weeks ago as a Product Hunt Beta, but now we're officially released! Download the new official version from the App Store today. And full info about today's release is here:
For those interested, here's the original PH beta release. @mulligan - Any plans to add a web app or desktop client to access screenshots? I often email myself screenshots. It's silly.
We've got a couple things we're exploring for when we push a new release of this. Some kind of phone -> desktop connection will be a core part of it :)
This is gold - been dying for this. Question: is there a way to automatically remove my screenshots from the Camera Roll, so they don't clutter it up? Or is that something I need to do manually? Update: just realized Brian answered this and more questions in his Medium post. Re-posting:
Have been waiting for this for a while. As a product manager for apps. I end up (on Android) 1. Taking screenshots. 2. Opening Google play 3. Download the pictures 4. annotate them in a tool (skitch, photoshop, powerpoint) 5. Send it to the developers Hope this product goes in that direction. & +100 to what @TMFelous said. Remove them automatically.