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Sacha Greif
@sachagreif · Designer, Sidebar
I've been really impressed with Scrapbox, it's by the same team that makes Gyazo (https://gyazo.com/) here in Japan and it features a really natural way to let you connect notes to each other. Basically any #hashtag you create automatically becomes a new note, which can in turn include text, images, etc. and of course link to even more notes. Basically, yo… See more
oʇoɯıɥsɐɥ oɥs
@shokai · Engineer at Nota inc.
Hello, I am a developer of Scrapbox. The key functions are sync and link. I am doing scrapbox development with full remote work. I love that everyone can edit one note at the same time and link the notes together to express complex things. I do not use much chat or video chat, and I almost always discuss ideas in Scrapbox.
Rajesh Kasturirangan
@rkasturi · Professor
Dead simple and flexible tool - I am loving it already. Feature request: do add Latex support for those of us who write equations along with code.
Toshiyuki Masui
@masui · CTO, Nota Inc.
As the inventor of Scrapbox and Gyazo, I've been using them for 10 years. I'm using Scrapbox for all my activities like taking notes, sharing data, publishing blog articles, etc. Just put all the information in your brain on Scrapbox pages, and be amazed by how everything can be linked together without worrying about the data structure of tens of thousands o… See more
Joseph Wood
@iamjmw · Social Media Coordinator
Love the app, but that logo is the exact same “S” as the old Storehouse app. I thought they were releasing a new app, lol.