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Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Interesting description from the Wired article, "Paper feels like a cross between Google Docs and Medium."
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Oooo, new from Dropbox! About 6 months ago, this project, formerly called Composer, was leaked on Product Hunt. There isn't a lot of information available for this yet but looks like an Evernote competitor.

UPDATE: Wired's @pierce just published more details about Paper.
Anton Lopyrev — Dropbox
@rrhoover Happy to be here (for real this time)!
Anton Lopyrev — Dropbox
@tokudu @rrhoover Here is a special link for Product Hunters to try Paper https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/We...
Junki Nakayama — Designer @ Turo
@tokudu @rrhoover thanks for letting us try early! it looks super clean!
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@tokudu woohoo! Thanks. 🙌
Erik Larsson — Co-founder, Juntoo
@tokudu Just a heads up, your title tag still says Notes
Bram Kanstein (@bramk) — Creator of @startupstash
Braden Hamm — Designer / Founder Gumwall.com
@tokudu @rrhoover Hmm, link didn't work for me. Just prompted me to join the waitlist...
Anton Lopyrev — Dropbox
@bradenhamm @rrhoover Yeah, our whitelisting still kicks in, more people will be let through soon. You should still be able to access the doc in read-only mode if you are signed out.
JM — CEO, Cortex.bz - App Development
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