Watch unreleased movies and give feedback to improve them.

Scoop lets studios and TV networks show their soon-to-release shows and movies to a select audience in exchange for their feedback on what they would like to have improved. The studios then pay the respondents for their time and effort.

  • Simon Bromberg

    Interesting opportunity to watch movies/trailers before anyone else and get paid for reviewing them


    Pretty rare that you'd get sent something to watch, and if you do it might be a pretty rough draft, and you only get paid a few dollars

    I think I've watched a couple trailers and one whole movie. The frequency of new content to watch is very rare, and you'll probably not get something that you'd typically enjoy.

    Another movie I tried to watch but it was unwatchable because it wasn't even finished yet.

    Plus you could be asked to watch a 2 hour movie or a 1 minute trailer and they pay you the same amount (~ $7).

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  • Dave Light
    Dave LightSurgeon

    GREAT concept surely a groundbreaking idea


    not nearly enough movies to test yet

    REALLY enjoyed the concept of seeing a movie that is variable to the final cut seen in theaters. The movie I watched was not even in final edit yet and they wanted feedback as to what to do GREAT idea

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I cannot upvote it because it’s iOS unfriendly (tested on an iPad Pro 13” running iOS 11.2.5) and I don’t see myself sitting in front of a computer movies anymore. Sorry.
As a movie buff, I've absolutely been loving Scoop!