Schoolwork by Apple

Apple's newest teaching tools are now available

Millions of teachers around the world choose iPad as the best tool to help personalize learning and inspire creativity. Now with the free Schoolwork app, available today, teachers can easily create assignments, collaborate one-on-one with students, tap into the power of apps for learning and view and understand student progress.

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Nick Abouzeid
Marketing @ MainStreet
So exciting to see this launch. We covered Apple and Google's fight over the classroom in March after the announcement event – looks like this launch is just the start.
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
@nickabouzeid when I was a kid in school all the computer labs had Macs. This was a strategic move by Apple to promote its hardware and get kids familiar with its operating system (instead of Windows) at a young age. The release of this app and other education-related initiatives is a modern day version of this.
Shaomeng Zhang
Maker of ZenJournal: Minimal Diary. 👋
Teacher has more tools if you have iPads in the classroom. However, I don't think many teachers will be content with just creating content on iPad and assigning them there. Teachers are more likely create content on their laptops and then assign and grade with their laptop. From what I'm seeing online, there is only a Classroom Mac app, which helps with monitoring student screens but not with assigning and distributing content. There is no Schoolwork app for Mac, which might not be possible because you need to use other iPad apps to create assignments. Yes, Schoolwork will work natively with many iPad apps really well, but I don't see ClassKit working with other web-based tools or expose a web API... This will help Apple's education strategy within slowly-growing number of iPad accessible districts, but will it be helpful in reverse the trend of Chromebook taking over?
Guillaume Bardet
Working on
I have not looked much into it, or know anything about it like Shortcuts coming from Workflow but it seems well executed! And let's be honest, anything to help teachers and students at this point. Mainly something pushed by Apple, and I agree with what Ryan said it is not like this is a brand new market for them. It is almost a core part of the Apple strategy.
Balachandar MSenior Product Manager
but i feel in my country(India), this is expensive. Although, this is beneficiary in digital age, technology is adding more cost to education rather than reducing it.