Personalized Soundcloud playlists on demand (twitter bot)

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Hello everyone My name is Johan and I work for (music search & reco engines based on Content analysis). We are very happy to show you our Scarlett twitter bot. Tweet @AppScarlett your Soundcloud profile link (or a profile you like) and this bot will make you a personalized playlist. We thought LazySet was an amazing idea so we decided to do the same for the Soundcloud content. We thought that it will be even cooler to personalize the playlist to your taste. Every time users ask for a playlist, we analyze the musical structures present in the songs they favorited. We then craft a playlist finding other songs on Soundcloud that possess similar traits (using content-based technology and deep learning). We hope you will discover great new tunes !
@joh_a_n I am in love with Scarlett! I'm blown away by the execution!
@joh_a_n @appscarlett Wicked! Are you getting nailed by the twitter rate limit?
@grantmac_ I think it s still ok
This worked well. Here's my playlist.
New music everyday, that's perfect ! And that is fast !
A smart playlist from your Soundcloud likes, what an awesome idea guys 😻 Can you tell us more about the AI selection process? On what criteria & actions from your account is it based?
Hi @matthieudeluze, thanks for the feedback. We only use the tracks you favorited. We analyze how the music you like sounds (more details here : From there, we build a simple user model. We then gather tracks that should fit in your musical space and build a playlist.