ScanSnap Scanner

Press a button to scan business cards, photos, & more

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$495 for a scanner?
@thenitai I was thinking that as well, way overpriced! Good concept though.
It's a great scanner. There's no difference with the Evernote version, as far as I'm aware, apart from just a bit of green aesthetically. Them adding wifi scanning was really needed, and a great addition.
Agree- this is a great scanner! One thing I wish it did was scan documents directly into Dropbox without me having to have my computer or phone on and nearby. I think I'm looking for it to work like Google Cloud Print. Ideal setup: connect scanner to wifi and manage scan preferences in a web app, press scan button, have documents sent to a folder in Dropbox.
Have been ScanSnap for years, such a great scanner.
I find that it helps speed up scanning to sort receipts into groups -- wide, skinny and long -- before scanning them.