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* Right now it’s available in LA, SF, Seattle, and NYC

We’ve reviewed and curated each bar for Savor & West to ensure it's high quality. Don’t spend your time searching through a few different apps with hundreds of bars, many mediocre. Use Savor & West to find a high quality bar that fits your mood. We think you’ll discover great new bars!

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Hi PHers 👋 I’m Tyler, back in April 2016 I made Bar Roulette, the Uber-Yelp bar hopping mashup. I’ve built something new and I’m excited to share it with you all. In October, I started the ambitious goal of launching four apps in twelve months. Savor & West is the first one 🎉 Curated and based on your mood, Savor & West is an iOS app that’s your “personal bar expert.” Unlike crowd sourced bar review apps (such as Yelp), every bar in Savor & West is reviewed and curated to ensure it meets a high quality standard. Then, to pick something from this list, the user inputs their mood with different tags and Savor & West suggests the best fit. The idea is that a user shouldn’t spend their time searching through a few different apps with hundreds of bars, many mediocre, to find something they might like. Instead, they should use Savor & West to find a high quality bar that actually fits their mood. Because I’ve had to manually curate each bar and this isn’t my full-time gig, I’m launching in four cities first, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. Try it out this weekend and let me know what you think! Happy to answer any questions! Cheers 🥃
Hey @tylerswartz, Beautiful design! How does your app differ from similar apps that are already out there?
@jacqvon Great question! There are two things that make Savor & West different than apps like Yelp, Foursquare, etc. The first and biggest is that Savor & West starts with a curated list of bars that meets a certain standard. It still haunts me that someone who used Bar Roulette ended up at a Chili’s 😀. Technically, Yelp classifies Chili’s as a bar, and in a smaller town it was highly rated. I don’t want this to happen for Savor & West, so a user is suggested a bar based on their mood from within an already curated list. The second is that I’ve tagged all of the bars with about 5 - 8 attributes (ie. Cocktails, Craft Beer, Cozy, Wes Anderson, Speakeasy, Sultry, Art Deco, etc). Instead of just searching by location and type, such as “Whiskey bar in San Francisco,” users select a location AND as many tags as they want. These tags create much more dynamic results that are tailored to their mood.