Save Email Template

Save emails as full-length screenshots or PDFs for free

Ever wanted to take a full-length screenshot of an email?
Use free Chrome extension to take full-size screenshots of any Gmail email or save emails as PDFs or HTML files.
Useful for marketers who want to save emails from their inbox for inspiration.
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Ever wanted to take a full-length screenshot of an email? Saving an email the “old fashioned” way means not getting the whole email with one screenshot, or taking multiple and combining them. This is time-consuming and never looks quite right. SendPulse has developed a Chrome extension screenshot tool that lets you take a full-length screenshot of any email in your Gmail inbox in one click. What can it do? ✔️ Take a full-length screenshot of an emails ✔️ Save an email as an HTML file ✔️ Save an email as a PDF ✔️ Save an email as a template to your SendPulse account Who is this tool for? ☑️ Email and content markers. Save your favorite emails to use as inspiration for your own email campaigns in the future. ☑️ Marketing content creators. Add your own email examples to your blog or video. ☑️ Marketing directors. Analyze emails from your competitors to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. If you have any feedback about the extension, please reach out. We are always looking for ways to improve!
Those people who write articles with email template examples will find this app perfect for sure! I like it👍
@lena_vovhenko Thank you for support!
Can't wait to to field test it. Looks promising.
@alex_botvinko Let me know your thoughts and maybe suggestions :)
Looks useful, thanks for a great tool!
@paul_shuteyev Thank you for trying it!