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Sanity & Self® is a one-stop guided wellness app to help women get the daily self-care we deserve. When life gets stressful, Sanity & Self guides you back to calm with bite-sized audio content that fits in your life. With experts in sleep, fitness, beauty, breathing, and more you'll find exactly the self-care you need when you need it. iOS only.

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Hey @hehedavid, @turnerkirk & @meng_moov, Can you tell us more about what Sanity & Self is out to do for women? What makes it stand out from other women's health apps out there? How does having men on the team work out?
@hehedavid @turnerkirk @jacqvon we are expert guided self-care. We see women don’t get enough care. Women - esp. moms- take so much care of others that little left for ourselves. So we bring 2-45 minute sessions to women by partnering with experts in self-care, wellness, personal growth, fitness, beauty, body care, meditation. As to your last question: our super-star team has mission-driven, intelligent and compassionate men and women in the team, and we challenge and support each other to bring the best of us out to the people around and to our customers. It worked out wonderfully here. We’re hiring.
@jacqvon Great questions! I'll do my best to provide some of my thoughts on why Sanity & Self is important to me. Hopefully these thoughts answer your questions! We are in an interesting time. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and we are struggling to keep pace in developing our acceptable societal norms with regard to this technology. Only recently has some amount of backlash been seen against the addictive nature of mobile devices and social media, and we’re finally starting to see these tools as potentially destructive if used improperly instead of simply the latest cool technology that everyone should try. Along with this, we are seeing trends like the "Me too" movement and "women’s marches" and a well documented and easily measurable problem in the form of pay inequality. These are all related to the fact that women have traditionally been underserved in terms of support for basic rights, and these things are surfacing more and more as women are making up more and more of the workforce (either at an office or working from home) and gaining a collective voice across many outlets. At the core of all these issues is that Women are still being held to a double standard of "traditional" values systems (cooking, cleaning, home-making, raising children), while the demands on them, and opportunities presented, continue to increase. In short, Women don't get enough care, and they are in need of it more than ever. Why not use these amazing devices we have in our pocket to help support these needs and provide reinforcement of healthy screen time habits all in one? As for having men on the team, I feel extremely fortunate to be included in this endeavor. I am a white male. My peers don't get an opportunity (or choose not to take the opportunity) to gain an understanding of women's needs and struggles on a deep level very often. But this is of paramount importance. How can we as a society enact change and continue to grow if only Women are doing the work? Working on Sanity & Self has given me an incredible opportunity to develop a deep sense of empathy for the struggles women face today. And most importantly, for mothers and the struggles of motherhood. During user interviews I have been absolutely floored by the incredible demands these women are facing. They literally have ZERO time devoted to themselves throughout an 18 hour (or more) day. Many of them sleep less than 6 hours. They not only manage a family/household, but most of them work from home with a full time job, either juggling duties as mom while getting work done, or somehow manage to put in hours after the kids are in bed. This has really given me a lot of perspective and fuels me to come to work every day and do my best to help make this product as good as it can be.
Ooh I'm all about the self care and self love these days, its so easy to tread the line near burnout when juggling lots of responsibilities. Would love to hear more about how you personalize the experience for each user. @turnerkirk @meng_moov @hehedavid
@abadesi So glad to hear you've made the realization that you need to take time for yourself! Through extensive user interviews and our own personal experience, we realized "self-care" means something different to each person. Our guided audio sessions span the gamut of different self-care topics including breathing exercises, self-massage, fitness, personal growth, meditation, and beauty, so there are sessions that match everyone's different self-care needs. Also, our app operates on the "freemium" model. As a free user, you can access some classes from each category. A Premium membership gives you access to all classes, plus gives you the ability to "bookmark" sessions for offline usage so you can create your own bank of your favorite sessions. I wish you the best of luck on your self-care journey!
The look and feel is pleasantly female, but I’m not getting the “expert” vibe from it (it feels more like a blog), so because of that, I don’t immediately see the value in it. In a world filled with magazines and blogs in which us, women, never fully know if we‘re getting the right information or just another sponsored post, I think you should sell the expert-guided care a lot harder. Like, who’s Erica, Sabrina and Allison, and why should I care about them?
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No android app :(
@ericsonluciano It's coming!! I can't give an exact date, but won't be too long.

Maybe there could be different categories for the different discussion topics like Beauty, books, hath etc


Connections to other women, a lot of self care


Discussion board is a little overwhelming