Your neighborhood holodeck


Sandbox VR is your neighborhood holodeck.

We combine the latest in VR hardware technology, movie quality real-time motion capture rigs and AAA-quality content experiences to create the best VR experiences on the planet - a true full body, holodeck-like experience that you cannot experience at home.

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Justin Ip
Craig Dalton
Edouard Tabet
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  • Ada Chen Rekhi
    Ada Chen RekhiFounder & COO at Notejoy

    it's a full body, immersive experience. super fun to collaborate with your group, didn't get motion sick


    their slots are booked up so have to wait to go back!

    I had an opportunity to try Sandbox just this past weekend and it is like nothing I've ever experienced before. This is the best VR experience that I've ever had, and our entire group had a blast. It's like visiting the future! :)

    Ada Chen Rekhi has used this product for one day.
  • Craig Dalton
    Craig DaltonCEO, DODOcase

    It is like getting injected INSIDE the game with your friends. The experience blew me away. I highly recommend for a group outing.


    Waiting until more experiences come out is going to be hard

    I've historically been sensitive to being in VR for too long, getting motion sick. With the hand and leg tracking, I didn't experience any motion sickness in a 30 minute session. The trick is being able to see your hands and feet move naturally. I played wth some people new to VR and it blew us all away in different ways.

    Craig Dalton has used this product for one month.
  • Jason Lin
    Jason LinPartner, Global Bridge Capital

    Great product and experience! No lag. Immersive and fun mixed reality experience. Great job Sandbox team!


    Time slots book up quickly!

    Fun to play with a group of friends. Was great for team outing.

    Jason Lin has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Immersive fun for the friends and family


    Could use more experiences

    Lots of fun from beginning to end. Haven’t experienced anything else in VR like it. Would highly recommend to try for yourself.

    Darryl Cheng has used this product for one year.