Your neighborhood holodeck

Sandbox VR is your neighborhood holodeck.

We combine the latest in VR hardware technology, movie quality real-time motion capture rigs and AAA-quality content experiences to create the best VR experiences on the planet - a true full body, holodeck-like experience that you cannot experience at home.

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Me, @jtzou, @thetylerhayse, and @staringispolite got a chance to try Sandbox VR a few weeks ago. By far the most fun VR experience I've ever had. They also auto-generate videos of the gameplay to share afterward. Here's a GIF cut of us shooting undead rats: @blader, can you share a preview of the other experiences you're planning to introduce?
@jtzou @thetylerhayse @staringispolite @rrhoover You bet. Our first few experiences are all in house developed: Deadwood Mansion is our first experience - it's a horror-survival zombie experience. This is my personal favorite. We built Curse of Davy Jones to be a slightly less intense, more puzzley and narrative driven experience. Explore a pirate ship, hunt for treasure, and unlock the secret of Davy Jone's locket. Most people who play both like Davy Jones slightly better. Our next experience is code-named Amber Sky, it's a sci-fi themed experience. I don't want to spoil too much but even with placeholder art it's already our most fun experience. We're also working on a PvP experience that heavy relies on bullet-time mechanics (think PvP Superhot VR), which is intended to grow into an esport. Finally, we have a pipeline of licensed experiences from major franchises and studio partners that we can't talk about just yet.

I had an opportunity to try Sandbox just this past weekend and it is like nothing I've ever experienced before. This is the best VR experience that I've ever had, and our entire group had a blast. It's like visiting the future! :)


it's a full body, immersive experience. super fun to collaborate with your group, didn't get motion sick


their slots are booked up so have to wait to go back!

I went with 2 people to who had never done any sort of VR before (my wife and her friend) to play Deadwood Mansion at IMAX VR in LA and we all had an amazing time. It was 30 Min of heart pounding fun and the video highlight clips afterwards were the perfect takeaway to share our experiences online. We brought some other friends to try in LA a week later. Can’t wait to see these pop up throughout Europe where we live now, and can’t wait to play the new experiences.
Got to try this with @liveink in San Mateo a couple of weeks back and it was amazing. Can't wait for more locations to launch and the catalog of titles to expand. Well done @blader and team.
Hi everyone, thanks for checking out Sandbox VR. I wrote a little bit more about Sandbox VR and what we're trying to do for the world here: