Upgrade your sales process with this Google Sheets based CRM

Struggling to get a handle on your sales process? With SalesTable, get visibility into the stats that matter most. See the leads you're currently working on in a straightforward list.
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If you’re looking to improve your sales process but aren't ready to invest in a CRM, this spreadsheet from the team at Close has got you covered. Built using simple spreadsheet formulas, you’ll be able to track your leads and get a clear view into your sales pipeline. The sheet has a nice visual dashboard tab, which gives a quick look at the number of opportunities in the various stages of your pipeline (and syncs automatically with your lead list info). This isn’t a replacement for a full-fledged CRM, but if you’re looking for something simple to improve your sales process, it’s definitely worth giving this a shot. Plus it's free!
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Nice marketing video
Nice, simple, clean. 👍🏻