Salesmachine is a customer success platform that helps subscription businesses onboard, retain and grow their customers. It brings all your customer data together in one place, helping you understand customer health, lifecycle stages and deploy customer success strategies to reduce churn and increase upsell.

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Hi Product Hunters! Thanks @collinmathilde for hunting us! We worked very hard over the last 18 months to build and officially launch Salesmachine today. We hope you will try it out and let us know what you think! With Salesmachine, you can follow the health of your customers in realtime. It enables you to proactively increase trial conversion, reduce churn and identify upsell candidates. If you already use Segment or Mixpanel, you don't even need to add our code to get immediate value. We started Salesmachine with the objective of building a new generation of product to help customer success teams and sales to be more productive. I have been confronted so many times with sales reps, account managers or CS teams wasting their time sorting contacts on their CRM everyday trying to identify who they should be calling. Salesmachine acts like your personal assistant telling you which customers need your attention and why, creating tasks, sending emails and contextual notifications based on your customers health and activity. So you can just focus on what's matter: making your customers happy. Salesmachine has already been tested by hundreds of SaaS startups and we are very excited to launch publicly today. We would love to have your feedback and ideas! We are startup friendly: we have a free plan and all paid plans have a 14 days free trial. Here is a video overview:
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@gsamoun Great team and impressive execution!
@rhaivimies Thanks so mush Rhai! 😀
@rhaivimies Thx mate! Big fan of Sounds too 😚
Woah, the product looks great ! Might be something we could use for Buffer ! thanks for sharing :D
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@maxberthelot Definitely awesome! Thanks for your support Maxime 😀
I have been using Salesmachine for some months. They shipped a tremendous amount of new features and it is a real pleasure to see them being hunted today. @collinmathilde you were faster than me :). Great product with a very good potential. From a customer point of view Salesmachine allows us to have a very good view of how a customer is behaving and react in real time. Our CS team is able to focus on creating value with our customer rather than doing control checks, we gained some level of efficiency for sure. As a matter of fact, their integration with Segment is also a good plus, cannot wait to see how far they will go! Congratulation to all the team!
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@tplaindoux This is awesome! Thanks for all your helpful feedback, you helped us launch a better product! 💪
We have been using Salesmachine for the past weeks at @mention and we are pleased with the solution (we were using Pipedrive before). It allows our teams of CS to get their job done faster and better. They are also very responsive to product feedback and ship fast, can't wait to see their latest feature release! Great job team!
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@mvaxelaire @mention Thank you Matt for your support, Very happy to have Mention as a customer, your company is probably one of the most knowledgeable in Customer Success and you have challenged us many times ;)
@mvaxelaire @eryseroach - check out this feedback. ^^
@anodigital Yeah, we can't wait to work with Rallio 🙉 (thanks @eryseroach)
I'd possibly reconsider using 'the health of your customers' - to me that doesnt mean their intention to buy or frequent use of the platform etc. Just seemed a little out of place IMO Pricing packages seem a little confusing as you say "$60 per user/month" but then also mention in that package "Unlimited users" - may be good to distinguish between customers and company users. Looks like an interesting upsell tool though! I could see people enjoying it (probably more on the company side than consumer!)
@bentossell Hi Ben, Thanks for your feedback! For us, the "health of your customers" means much more than their intention to buy. It means that they get success out of your product at each stage of the user lifecycle. To be more specific, your users can be stuck in your onboarding process (onboarding - bad health), or likely to convert at the end on their trial (trial conversion - good health) or unlikely to renew (churn - bad health). And yes, Salesmachine is definitely a product for SaaS companies. Thanks for the comment about our pricing. You're right... changing that now.
@florentquinti no problem! maybe Im just not used to the terms of health when referring to a funnel - was my first thoughts when looking at the site but I understand how it relates :)
@florentquinti @bentossell -- As Ben said, the term "Health is confusing", I checked your video, very nice presentation, but the tagline can be better. I firmly believe there are better ways to define recurring customer, rather than the term "Health". This is just my personal feedback. NOTE: Initially i thought you were some health service provider...:P Yes, taglines and words can play a huge role.
@raminjpr thanks for the video 😉 We'll improve the tagline!
@bentossell I think "the health of your customer relationships" sounds better. Nobody sounds like they might die that way ;)