SalesHandy 2.0

Email and document tracking with automation

SalesHandy 2.0 is a sales enablement platform designed around email and document analytics and automation for individuals as well as teams. With it, you get real-time email open tracking, email scheduling, personalized email merge campaigns, automated follow-up, document tracking, email templates and engagement analytics with an easy to use UI.

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Hey Producthunters! Whether you're a freelancer, SMB, or an Enterprise, emails play a big part in the way you communicate. But have you ever wondered what happens to your emails after you hit send? Well, we have all been there and hence we developed SalesHandy to help you get Email and Document engagement analytics and help you automate your emailing efforts saving your time as well as enabling you to get more done. Following our commitment towards “continuous improvement,” we built a new version of our loved product - SalesHandy 2.0, which is 10 times faster than the previous version, has rock-solid stability with a whole new look. You can use SalesHandy 2.0 for: 1. Email Tracking: Know what happens after you hit send. 2. Email Scheduling: Send your emails at a time when they are most likely to be opened. 3. Email Merge Campaign: Send auto-personalized emails to multiple recipients at one go! Ensure your emails land in recipients' inbox and get 10x reply rates with trigger-based automated follow-ups. 4. Email Templates: Create, Save and Share Email Templates saving tons of time! Get success report of each. 5. Document Tracking: track attachments/documents and know which prospects are engaging with your message the most. 6. Team Functionality: Create teams, share specific folders containing email templates and documents with them getting success and engagement analytics of each. Build a silo of best working content! It supports Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, Office365, MicrosoftExchange or email account of any email service provider. We also have a dedicated customer success team that is available 24x7 to help you derive best results using SalesHandy 2.0. We have an extension for Chrome and Outlook that adds superpowers to your inbox. Curious to hear your feedback! Check it out at Dhruv ps: Thanks a lot @kwdinc for the hunt :)
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@kwdinc @dhruvp2014 A dream product for every sales person. Just a small hack (you might be knowing it already) : If you add Sent with SalesHandy at the end of every mail in free sign up plan, it will drive you lot of users.
Thanks for the hack & an awesome comment 😍
@dhruvp2014 , couple of thoughts if you are doing B2B : Track companies who are hiring for "b2b sales", "enterprise sales","corporate sales","alliance manager","business development manager" or "partnership manager" . If a company is hiring for these roles, they will be willing to invest money for tracking.
Thanks Again !!
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One of the few really good email trackers that actually works properly with Outlook desktop in Microsoft Office 365. Works great for me.
Thanks for the such an amazing feedback @stuartbruce
Maybe the best add-on for Freelancers Who uses Gmail or any other Email for review. You get to know if the person you sent the file to review has opened it or not, and Followup accordingly. Work like Genie for me..
Thanks for kind works !! @divyang_rathod 😍

Want Sales? Use SalesHandy. This comes from someone who has been growing her business for the last decade and a wealth of experience is behind this judgment deliverance.


Fantastic tool for Sales outreach and follow-up. Simple to understand. Seamless UI. Very affordable.


Do away with Documents feature. Doesn't help with cold sales outreach #personalopinion