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What is Wobaka?
Imagine your favourite task manager. Move things around and add email integration and a contact pipeline. That's what I want Wobaka to be like. A simple, yet effective CRM system that will help you close more deals while being simple and fun to use.

Wobaka tech stack

We're aware of 2 technologies that Wobaka is built with. Wobaka utilizes products like Font Awesome, React.js in their tech stack

Recent launches

Wobaka 2.0
Forget about the CRM systems that include webpage builders, blog engines and 97 other features you don't need. Wobaka is the all-in-one CRM and sales automation tool that makes it easy to manage contacts and automate outreach, without losing your mind.
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Wobaka Automations
Have you ever sent sales email manually? Start with 10 emails a day and follow up at least three times and you quickly have a todo list that looks like something from a horror movie. That's why I built Wobaka Automations.
Wobaka Automations image
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