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Sales Tools by Reply is the biggest catalog of sales tools for SDRs, AEs, and Sales Leaders with 450+ featured apps.

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Hi ProductHunters, For over a few years @volodymyr_olexienko, our Business Development Manager, has a hobby to collect different sales tools. He collected over 450+ tools so far and we have organized them into the crowdsourced catalog, which turned out to be the biggest one in the industry. There is no similar catalog over the web, since the existing ones are very limited, outdated or don't have latest sales tools in them. Today we are happy to launch our Sales Tools Catalog for everyone. You can contribute to this list as well by suggesting a new tool right from the catalog page. Happy browsing!
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@phswiss Hi Philip, Thanks for the comment :) Glad you liked it
@olegcl Great work! This is by far the best resource out there + I love that it's unbiased :)
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Great idea! I've just submitted my SaaS ( to your list. Do you have plans on expanding the functionality of your catalog? Review, filters, etc.
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@vladimirpolo Thanks for the comment! Definitely, we will be constantly updating the list with new categories, tools, filters, sales stacks etc. We really want to make it useful to choose the right technologies for sales teams
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What an amazing initiative, @olegcl and @volodymyr_olexienko! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Great work guys! Really stoked to see that you listed Scribe ( in the sales enablement category! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Just a quick question though: how do you plan to keep this list relevant especially since I'm sure you'll start getting a lot of submissions?
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@nidhritib Thanks for your feedback :) We will check all submissions manually and addthem under a right category.

Great catalog with tons of granular categories to help you find just the right tool.


Very comprehensive, well categorized



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Great list! Just a suggestion, add the bots category with tools like ManyChat, Chatfuel, templates. It's the best performing way to nurture and qualify leads today.
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Hey @agamanyuk. Thanks for the feedback. We will definetely add this category to the list soon
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