Sales Pipeline Masterclass by Salesflare

A free 95-page book πŸ“™ to help streamline your sales process

Discover eight essential steps to the ultimate sales pipeline:
🎯 Define your target market
πŸ“ Build a lead list
πŸ”₯ Warm up leads
πŸ“† Book and run sales meetings
🚦 Qualify leads
πŸ›  Sales pipeline management
🀝 Sales negotiations and closing
πŸ“’ Sales referrals
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18 Reviews5.0/5
These guys came up with an amazing guide on how to build a better pipeline and how to close more sales. Check it out!!
@davidhenzel Thank you for hunting us David! We're proud to share this with the world! πŸ’ͺ
Mad props to @davidhenzel for hunting our Sales Pipeline Masterclass. This Product is very dear to our hearts. Not unlike a firstborn child πŸ‘Ά since it is after all the very first ebook we put out. Ever. Earlier this year, when we sat together to brainstorm how to approach our content strategy, we noticed there was a big gaping hole waiting to be filled: in-depth, multi-stage deep dives in content. Longreads, but.. longer. (Longestreads? πŸ€”) We called this format β€˜Masterclasses’ since that’s what each of them was supposed to be: a step-by-step, rigorous download of information on a single topic. πŸŽ“ For our first Masterclass, we stayed pretty close to home and delivered on something we have deep and unique knowledge of: the Sales Pipeline. After all, Salesflare is an automated CRM based on our hallowed principle that automation should free salespeople up as much as possible to do the one thing they know how to do best: sell. πŸ’° And setting up and nurturing a healthy sales pipeline is the single most important step to sales success. πŸ† While they can definitely stand on their own, we always approached the totality of the eight consecutive lessons πŸ“š in our Masterclass as one coherent superstructure whose value surpasses the foundations of its progressive, individual steps. The idea to release them in a single volume as one big, 95-page ebook πŸ“˜, therefore, seemed not only obvious but necessary. We poured our heart and soul into creating this first ebook and we sincerely hope you enjoy everything we put in there, from the big picture lessons down to the little hacks. And if you’re using the lessons contained within this first volume of our Masterclass series to help improve your sales game forever πŸš€, don’t be a stranger πŸ‘‹: we can’t wait to hear all your stories of struggle and success! #salesfamily
@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer! We hope this guide will bring you loads of value!

As a b2b lead generation agancy, I've been using Salesflare their guides extensively. Always jam packed with value.


Really easy to follow, Well thought out, best in Category


Information isn't automatically transfered into my brain through telepathy

At Salesflare, we take our readers' feedback seriously, Stapho, and aim to go above and beyond. Therefore, starting immediately, we've put our dev team to work on an alpha build for Brainflare: our direct ebook-to-neural-pathway transfer protocol spin-off venture.

Love the book! Enough tidbits in there to continuously challenge your sales team (and yourself). Premium brainsnacks!


Food for my brain. Actionable ideas


not yet