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#4 Product of the DayNovember 26, 2015
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Great idea. These stack/stash sites are popping up all over the place. What would be really helpful for me would be a bit more detail on 'how' these tools can be used. For example, with Nimble it says "Social Selling, Made Easy". Okay, so first of all - what's social selling? Secondly, how does Nimble make it easy? If I click through to their site, I can read that... okay, I'm still not sure what their product does. I guess it works everywhere I work at the right place, right time and right prospect. Something about a CRM... but yeah, 2 sentences of what this is and how I could use it would be an awesome addition to your site
@rossdcurrie @vincenzor - what I did for marketing stash was actually to look up the descriptions on crunchbase.... a lot of the time, they can be helpful. they inspired a lot of the descriptions on my site.
@rossdcurrie Sometimes, the best way to understand what they do is to visit their website. But you're right, I'll try to add more information on each tool.
@rossdcurrie Totally agree and interesting comment. I am not sure it makes sense to make extensive lists. It's quite easy to find the "best tools" on the web, or find lists of tools. What's kind of needed I feel is recommended stacks, so a combination of tools that work well together.
Nice list! Really helpful for sales 💪
@tombenattar thx! feel free to submit your best sales resources ;)
Add to my collection "Amazing sales tools" ;-)
@virtualflo Nice collection. You should look at adding
Hey hunters! Really happy to see Sales List featured here on PH :) I hope we'll get a lot of feedback and suggestions on this. Also, feel free to click on the "Submit" link in the footer if you know a great sales resource that are not yet on the website.
@vincenzor Awesome. just did it for Thanks for putting this together!
1 more curated list in the list. Mine is