Sales Funnel Template by Salesflare

Manage your leads, forecast revenue and close deals for free

This free and easy-to-use sales funnel template is for entrepreneurs and small sales teams looking to visualize their sales process.

Customize your sales funnel stages, manage your leads in one place and track sales funnel metrics that update automatically.

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First of all, thanks @kevin for hunting the Sales Funnel Template by Salesflare. We’re excited to be here! Our team noticed that in the early stages, sales reps and entrepreneurs sometimes don’t need the full-fledged version of a CRM loaded with features yet, but do need a way to visualize their sales process and manage their leads. We also noticed that most of the sales funnel templates out there lack any sort of automation at all. They’re just plain spreadsheets. As Salesflare’s focus is on automation, we felt we could contribute in the realm of sales funnel templates as well. That’s what lead us to creating the Sales Funnel Template. The Sales Funnel Template lets you customize your stages of the sales pipeline, add team members and decide when you should be notified to follow up. Even better, it has an Insights sheet filled with metrics and forecasting data that’s updated automatically for you. Some examples of what you can find in the Insights: - Compare what revenue you’ve already earned versus what’s expected to come in. - Quickly understand your closing %. - Find out which sales rep is selling the most. - See at which stage you are struggling to convert. The best part yet? It’s free. Our team is here all day to answer any questions you may have. We’re really looking forward to your feedback!!

Amazing job by Keri! Love the Salesflare team and this awesome launch!


So helpful and well thought out!


None so far :)

So proud :') loving this template so far!

Great stuff from the Salesflare team (as per usual!)


Very userfriendly, can be immediately implemented


I guess you could alternatively use their full CRM?

Nice template, still think a full CRM is a must for even the earliest stage companies though!