Blockchain-based, decentralised password manager

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 04, 2020
Safeguard is a decentralized password managerpmanager.
🔒Protect your passwords via decentralized Blockstack id.
🔑Store and autofill your passwords via chrome extension.
😇Generate secure passwords for each site.
📩 Get notified about security vulnerabilities.
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Hey Product Hunt, I am the maker of Safeguard This is something I made recently. The problem? We often forget to make unique passwords for every site. Hence use the same for each one. But often this poses a security issue as some of these sites make leak your passwords. Hence using a password manager can solve this problem for you as it will generate unique passwords, and all you have to remember is one password. Your data is stored in blockstack, so the entire app is actually like a UI. And if a better UI ever comes along, then you can change to that. Data stored there is encrypted using your key. So login via blockstack. And you don't have to trust us. Normal password managers are stored in a centralized server. So if it goes down , all your passwords are gone or get hacked (which has happened numerous times https://password-managers.bestre...) Safeguard can act as storage for your passwords. 1. Store and autofill your passwords: Save all your passwords at one place and autofill them with ease using a browser extension. 2. Generate secure passwords: Keeping the same password for all websites is risky and then there is the task of remembering them. Safeguard generates new passwords every time based on your desired level of strength. 3. Decentralized and Secure: All the passwords are in block stack decentralised storage. The extension is now free and available on the chrome store.
@gauthamzzz congratulations on the launch! this is awesome
@gauthamzzz I was really happy to see a decentralized password manager, until I saw it's using Blockstack. Although Blockstack is awesome, I don't like it when products depend on another company. The best thing about the internet is freedom to choose whichever system/service you like, email and browsers give you that, but Blockstack doesn't. So until I can sign-in with my own email account, I will not use any of these services. I don't want to rely on Blockstack/BS Browser. If the passwords are properly encrypted, and the service has multiple backups, there's really not a big difference in this case, honestly. These are only my thoughts related with the current state of decentralization - as for the product, it looks great. Congrats on the launch :)
@owenfar1 Thanks for your suggestions , we will look into it.
@gauthamzzz Hey Gautham, would you like to share Safeguard on
This is a great idea. However, I would like to see a Firefox extension more than a Chrome. Privacy focused community uses Firefox and Brave. There is a "No To Chrome" movement already going on.
@wilsonbright If you are using firefox use this and add it to your browser If you use Opera you can use this and install on your browser. Right now I am a solo maker, hence now focusing on minimizing bugs and give a great User experience. When its done, will push into Firefox. Till then please try with this and share youre feedback. Hope you can understand.
@wilsonbright @gauthamzzz supporting Firefox as well is relatively straightforward. This should get you most of the way there:
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Congrats man with the launch!
@steve15645462 thanks man 😻 appreciate the support
Congrats on the launch 👌🎉
@mubaris thanks mubu, hope you liked it.