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@csaba_kissi my device downloaded the book as soon as I clicked the button - I don't think it's meant to go to the inbox. Maybe the site just doesn't like you. πŸ€”
@erickbarron86 When I entered the email I've got this message: "Thanks! Check your inbox :)" Nothing started to download
@csaba_kissi Same for me here! Tried with 2 different emails and nothing happened. :'(
@wrbl_t Finally I was able to find the URL for PDF in the page source. I don't want to publish it here as I do not know if its OK or not. It's just an information for people who do not receive the copy to their inbox.
@csaba_kissi Find it with your tip! Thanks :) is quickly becoming a content powerhouse, will definitely give this one a read.
@lmenus thanks for the kind words!!! we're doing our best. can't wait to hear your feedback on this one <3
@lmenus that's my go to blog.😻 Amazing work by @steli and team.
@rafyasarmatta Ah didn't read their stuff yet, only YouTube videos. Is it a different content?
@lmenus Not so different. Their blogs are at and same content is made into videos and vice versa.
@rafyasarmatta Thank you Mohammed!
Thanks, Steli! Hope you got those issues sorted. Will give it a read. Cheers.
Dear @steli and team, thanks for sharing all this amazing content with us!
Looking forward to this read! Cheers @steli