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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 28, 2018

Open source boilerplate app to help you build your own SaaS product.

The boilerplate comes with many basic SaaS features so that you can focus on building the features that differentiate your product.

We used this web app to build Async ( team communication and project management for small teams of software engineers.

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm a coauthor of SaaS Boilerplate, an open source web app to help you launch your own SaaS business. My team and I built this boilerplate for ourselves to spend less time building basic SaaS features and focus on what matters for a SaaS business. We've used the boilerplate to launch Builder Book ( and Async ( Features include: user authentication (Google); transactional emails (AWS SES); newsletters (MailChimp); file upload, load, and delete (AWS S3); analytics (Google); and payments/subscriptions (Stripe). All features are listed here: Feel free to try out the demo: We built this boilerplate with React, Material-UI, Next, MobX, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, Typescript. Many thanks to Delgermurun Purevkhuu and Timur Zhiyentayev for help in building SaaS Boilerplate. Happy to answer your questions or hear feedback. Thanks!
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Looks very promising!
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@enjoythecode Thank you! Hope you find it helpful.
Cool idea! Thanks guys 🙌
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@oiv Thank you! Happy to build it and share.
looks good. I'd love too see a version of this that just had the billing features, like a self hosted chargebee
@jak_9994 Gotcha. You're definitely welcome to fork the repo and create a version with limited features and Stripe. If you have any technical questions about the app, just create an issue for us on Github.
@jak_9994 @klyburke can this be used with rails
Looks good! Any plans to add new features?