The 360° camera that shoots larger-than-life video.

Rylo is an amazing new 360° action camera that allows you to shoot now and frame later. Built by the makers of Hyperlapse, Rylo gives you cinematic image stabilization, allows you to control the speed of your video, and reframe your shot to capture the important parts of your experience.

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I use Hyperlapse all the time to create smooth timelapses of drives in the mountains. As a photographer, Rylo looks like an amazing step in the direction of the future of photography. Being able to reframe shots after the fact is a really intriguing use of 360. Mash that up with the image stabilization and timelapse speed controls from Hyperlapse and you have the perfect action camera. I can't wait to try one!
Jimit ShahFounder, Flow Labs
Holy image stabilization! These are some beautiful captures: https://www.rylo.com/shotonrylo/ Looks like an amazing product and looking forward to seeing how creative people get with it!
Product Pearson
Product Manager @ Property4Media
Hey Alex. Looks amazing. I don't suppose you have a Product Hunt discount up for grabs for those of us considering purchasing this?
so many youtubers are going to love this, looks incredible!
Time to short GoPro stock. This software solution to 360 video stabilization is incredibly difficult and I’m pretty sure the hyperlapse team is the only one to get it done. Congrats guys!
@ctres Stabilization is incredibly hard to pull off right - our approach is significantly different than others have done in the past. We think it's the most important thing in creating great video content, so we've put a ton of work into it.
@chrisconnolly if I wasn’t doing a startup with other ex-instagrammers I would evangelize until you needed a pm. Love the look - excited to try it out!
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