Ruin My Search History

Ruin your Google search history with a single click

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I clicked with caution in incognito. 😂 Nice addition to the Pranking topic.
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@rrhoover I didn't heed your warning and decided to click it non incognito not knowing what to expect... haha but funny nevertheless.
@rrhoover I missed this comment and didn't go incognito and now my search result is even worse
@rrhoover oh heck! 😂 Thank God for your comment!
A GIF of what happens when you click (lol)
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* But you probably shouldn’t click:
Opened this page and clicked the button, then a page starts loading all the queries shows in the previous one. I have to say, you mom/dad/friends will definitely goes nuts if they saw the search history. The good thing is I forgot open VPN to loading this... and I am in mainland of China.
*Ruin your life with a single click
@jasonlankow Apparently (from /r/InternetIsBeautiful), it picks from one of a few pools of searches and then runs through them all. One of those pools includes how to join ISIS and "syria hotels with pool".
@bitandbang yes, I have all of these in my Google search history now :) I look forward to answering some extra questions before my next international flight.