Smart toy to teach children ages 3-7 foreign languages

ROYBI teaches children ages 3-7 languages and STEM through daily conversations, stories, games, visuals and music.
With over 500 exciting language lessons, songs and stories to choose from, your child will love learning with ROYBI.
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This is Elnaz and I want to officially welcome you to our family at ROYBI! Twelve years ago when I moved to the US, it was even more apparent that knowing a second language was a life changing skill that I gained when I was a little child. I was lucky enough that my parents paid close attention to my education at an early age, therefore, they urged me to learn the English language. That helped me to have a speedy start, go to the university, founded two companies, which I couldn’t do if I had to start the English language at a later age or when I moved to the US. But learning a new language is costly and not everyone can have this opportunity. Two years ago my team and I came up with this crazy idea to change the way children learn today in an advanced and affordable way. If you really think about it, the education system needs a fundamental change. Everything else in our society has changed, except the education system. Therefore, at home and school, children need a technology that can easily guide them as well as adapting to their progress. After hours of discussions and hundreds of revisions, we came up with the concept of ROYBI to personalize education based on every child’s learning ability and interest. But where to start? After extensive months of research, we decided to start from language development because it is the first step of learning how to communicate and learn new skills everyday. The only way we can communicate is by the language of that nation. Languages connect people, cultures, and nations together and it is more important than ever to communicate. At an early age, children's brains are more adaptable to learning new skills and they learn through natural conversation very fast. The technology of ROYBI is designed in a way that not only it can listen, but it can also react and respond to children's conversations. ROYBI is patient and can practice with the child at their natural pace. Moreover, parents can get involved with their children’s education at home by receiving reports, adding or modifying content, and see videos of how their child practices with the Roybi Robot. ROYBI is the future of education and it is on its path to change the world for children.
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Hi, can you explain a little bit how do you tackle privacy and security being a subject so sensitive as children and cameras? Thanks!
@roberto_corrales1 The camera is there to recognize your child and wake the device up. This is a simple and fun way for Roybi Robot to say hello and start its lessons. Interacting with Roybi Robot is an experience similar to any other electronic device. You are always in control of what you share with ROYBI. We collect data anonymously, and no identifiable information on your child is collected or stored. The collected data is only used to train Roybi Robot to personalize their educational experience.
I like the design, it's very attractive and appealing. Does it teach anything else other than languages? Like math and so?
sorry I didn't see that it teaches STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) :D great!!
I would have killed to get one of those as a child! Really hope you'll turn this cute thing into a reality, but most of all I hope it will actually work as advertised and that there won't be any privacy scandals. It's kind of strange that you are releasing this while it can only teach English, but you still advertise it as a toy that teaches foreign languageS (PLURAL) 🤔 German is one of the most popular foreign languages and your plan is to add it in 2022 (!)? Isn't that... a very long time for such a thing? Anyway, still wish you the best and hope you'll succeed 🤞🏻
@anna_0x For only our Indiegogo backers we are offering an exclusive deal. They won’t need to pay any extra subscription fee for updates during the first two years. ROYBI is both a native and foreign language teaching robot. The first language will already be added in early 2021, so you don’t need to wait long. German is scheduled to be added in 2022. In total 6 languages will be available by the end of 2022.
Exciting 👍🏽
@theoceanfire Thank you so much.