At home ear piercing by a licensed nurse

experienced nurses come to your home for ear piercings that are as safe as they are special. You can even get pierced in your PJs! Celebrate with family, or invite some friends to share in the moment.
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The cost of user acquisition here is going to be ridiculously high. And there's unlikely to be frequent repeat users... not sure how the economics will work out here.
@chrismessina was thinking the same. I see the value in the service but wonder how they are going to make enough money to sustain themselves.
@anna_0x ah, but I see... the piercing is just the entry into a subscription model: "Ear-piercing customers can subscribe to an “earring club,” which means they receive a new pair of studs (sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 14K gold) every month along with stickers and other trinkets. This is, presumably, where the bulk of Rowan’s revenue will come from, as the company says it will allow its freelance nurses to keep the full $95 piercing fee they collect from each appointment. ($125 if the customer is under 5 years old.)"
@chrismessina Ohhhh I see. I didn't actually take the time to look into it 😛 A "$95 piercing fee" though? Are piercings that expensive in the US?? Where I come from, it's 20 € (around US$22,50)
This makes total sense. Always found it a bit odd that it can be done in stores by kind of anyone, the idea of a licensed nurse coming to your house seems more safe and clearly much less effort!