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tl;dr = Zoom + Google Docs. is a one-click connect, browser-based, video calling platform that combines collaborative tools such as a digital whiteboard, and shared text and code editors.
  • Pros: 

    An amazing combination of tools in one practical space, truly well thought through.


    Minor look and feel but certainly not critical.

    If you are looking for a digital space to bring a team of remote workers together, this is the best tool I have seen to do that. Planning, documenting and developing ideas in an efficient digital manor.

    Kyle Roger Dodds has used this product for one week.
  • Keelan Matthew Whiting
    Keelan Matthew WhitingCEO of my own, growing business

    Great feature set for meeting tool.


    Not too many at this stage. Need to test further to be more constructive to be honest.

    I would suggest that more and more people sign up, test/play and help grow this product. We need more of this in our lives!

    Keelan Matthew Whiting has used this product for one day.
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Andrew Cowley
Andrew CowleyMaker@ndrewcowley · Head of Product,
Hi PH! I’m Andrew, one of the co-founders of We built as a more seamless way to have online video calls with the context of productivity tools mixed in. Today we're launching a free open beta for the public to try us out. We're really excited to be launching today, and hope you find useful! If you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to say or ask!
Sushruth Sastry
Sushruth Sastry@sushruthsastry · JavaScript developer
@ndrewcowley Awesome product! hopefully pricing will stay reasonable for startups and tiny groups.
Andrew Cowley
Andrew CowleyMaker@ndrewcowley · Head of Product,
@sushruthsastry Thank you! We'll try our best to balance affordability with profitability!
Abzal Assembekov
Abzal Assembekov@abzal_assembekov1
@ndrewcowley what is the difference between LessonPlan? It looks like exactly the same tool
Andrew Cowley
Andrew CowleyMaker@ndrewcowley · Head of Product,
@abzal_assembekov1 Do you perhaps mean Lessonspace? It is actually the same tool! Lessonspace is the first example of a company using our API to build a product for a particular use case. In this case, online tutoring!
Stephen Chip
Stephen Chip@stephenchip · Co-founder,
Nice work! I've been looking for a great web-based video conference solution with a whiteboard and screen share. Love the way you can easily move/resize the video and other items on the screen!
Clement Cazalot
Clement Cazalot@clementc · VP Technology @Intralinks. Ex-TechStars
Congrats on the launch! Pretty awesome! I like the ease of use and that it is a one stop shop for collaboration!
Keelan Matthew Whiting
Keelan Matthew Whiting@keelan_matthew_whiting · CEO of my own, growing business
Absolutely love the ability to export meeting notes, code snippets etc. Speed & usability seems good too. Minor UI tweaks needed here and there but this can be expected! I would suggest giving it a go - nothing to lose! Well done to the makers!!!
Chè Nxusani
Chè Nxusani@code_dependant
I am so blown away at how awesome this product is! Really proud that this comes out of South Africa!