Find spontaneous activities near you, with anyone.

πŸƒβ€ - Find spontaneous activities 🌎 near you, with anyone.

Made by Matt & James

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πŸ‘‹ Hi Everyone, ✏️ Background Story: started while James and I were traveling and working abroad for the past 12 months. Through user interviews, research, and our own experience, we have found that it isn't easy for people traveling to find or start informal activities or meet-ups. πŸ† Our Goal: Make an easy-to-use booking-first app for on-demand impromptu activities and meet ups. 🀯 Problems We Are Solving: πŸ‘Ž Losing time and energy planning an activity with others. πŸ‘Ž Relying on activity organizers. πŸ‘Ž Hard time finding others with the same interests. ℹ️ About πŸƒβ€Roams are activities people are doing. Roamers are users. 😻 Features: βœ… Roams based on roamer’s interest, place, and times. βœ… Search is tag-based to quickly find and filter places nearby. βœ… Can also search roams made by other roamers for ideas. πŸ›  Coding: We coded, designed and built with Ruby on Rails, Tailwind CSS, and Javascript. πŸ’– Thanks: Thank you for reading about Everyone is welcome to send us feedback and feature ideas. We are building our app for everyone. Let’s start roaming together! πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ‘ Next Up: We have a huge list of features planned. Help us prioritize them! - Shareable Private Roams for friends/family only. - Map w/ pins for easier planning. - Photos for roams/places. - Your ideas.
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Fun idea, of course the hard part is building enough liquidity in each region. I.e. I just searched for activities in the Bay Area and nothing showed up. Classic early product challenge. πŸ˜ƒ How are you thinking of solving this, @mattccholmes?
@mattccholmes @rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for asking! That's definitely tricky, we have two immediate ideas there. One is to emphasize pinning locations on a map, such as for when people want to just meet at a field outside nearby for frisbee or soccer, and they don't need to lookup specific places. But I think our next best solution is to actually integrate google's search api closer with our current search so that we can also include results for "(tag) near (user's location)"
@mattccholmes @rrhoover Sorry, I just realized you were talking about activities specifically. We want to tackle that by making it really easy for people to initiate an activity with friends. Similar to how people might share a link to schedule times. Right now our app lets people make a booking to do something, and then share it. But what we're working on is to make it really easy to see where everyone is overlapping in terms of times & nearby places. So if a person shares their booking with friends, their friends could end up picking different times & places. If we make it easy to see the overlaps, everyone can modify their bookings and come to a consensus faster. People could end up grouping up differently based on their own availability & location/distance preferences, and their interests in the activities or the people going.

Super confusing UI


The idea is interesting


Needs a large number of users to be effective. Terrible UI

Thank you for the review and feedback, @isaiah_bragg . What do you think we can do to improve the UI?
As everyone said you need get a huge user-base for it too work. Here are a few ideas on how you can do this. 1. Partner with this youtube channel called "Yes Theory". Their entire content is based upon doing spontaneous activities with strangers. They have 2.3M subscribers who are your early adopters. 2. Please fix the UI before doing so. It needs to be easy and fun for the users. Cheers! Good luck
@yash Thank you for the feedback and suggestion to work with "Yes Theory". Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the UI? Thank you, Matt
Sounds like a cool idea! It would be nice to integrate this (in the future) with some transportation app/API so people could carpool to get to places. I can see this working well in Seattle for skiing where a classic problem is that not many people have cars since many live & work in the city - though everyone wants to go skiing in the winter :)
@elena_zhizhimontova Thanks for the feedback πŸ˜ƒ Great idea on integrating with a transportation app to help users carpool to an activity.