An app entirely devoted to making sourdough bread!

Rise is devoted to every aspect of making sourdough! It includes great recipes, makes planning & scheduling easy, and serves as a baking journal. Rise syncs across all of your iPhone and iPad devices and supports sharing recipes and photos with others.
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Where was this when the quarantine started!? cc @staringispolite
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@rrhoover haha nice. I’m pretty skeptical about an app since these things vary so much with flour and they don’t seem to specify beyond the broadest terms Love some of the features though: the many time intervals is definitely a pain, and adjusting fermentation based on temp is nice. Same with baking journal.
A fun addition might be recipes for pizza dough and/or focaccia! They’re easier, still super rewarding, and what got me into sourdough
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@staringispolite A focaccia recipe is in the works! And while my first baking job did happen to be making pizza crusts, it was a commercial operation so I'd like to hear from home pizza makers to know their needs. Feel free to hit us up at rise-support@madebywindmill.com!
@rrhoover @staringispolite If nothing else, there are some great recipes and we're always adding more. Adding your own is easy too. For me it replaces what was a hodgepodge collection of reminders and timers with one integrated scheduling system which is awesome. The rise time predictions are optional, but most people have found them to be pretty on the nose.
This app is doughpe!
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@emiel___voogd ohmygod this is the best pun 😍
now THIS is a niche! Years ago, I tried making a loaf without storebought yeast for the starter, gave it the old college try, but then quickly gave up. My love for bread, good UI, and this post, has convinced me to get back into the game. Really nice work!
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Hahaha I love this
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