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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2020
ripplet is a free open space with a different approach for people to request or provide services locally. Negotiate your own price on what you’d like to pay and build long term contacts with others based on each other’s unique skill sets.
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Hey all, I'm John and the co-founder of ripplet, which is currently available for Android (iOS planned in the future). ripplet was created with a desire to change the way local services can be done. Personally I just wanted a way that I could pay someone to do tasks I need help with--as well as find jobs--for a price I'm comfortable with; without hidden fees and no need to pay a middleman, but simply build a connection with the other person that can become long term for future contact that I could even recommend to other friends and family. Some features of ripplet that you can do: - List multiple services you like to have done or can do. Save posts to relist for continual use in the future. - Customize your profile with skills you're interested in doing if you'd like to provide services - Link/See social media profiles for user credibility as well as reviews - Favorite users you'd like to stay in touch with - Search/filter particular services that interest you - Currently supporting 10 languages (EN, ES, PT, FR, RU, DE, HI, IT, KR, JP) Full Disclosure: There's not many of us using ripplet yet, so there's a fair chance you won't see much activity, but you could be the first person people see in your area to create a post asking for help or advertising your own local skills.
Oh, really hope to see this come alive. I myself had a similar idea.
@tamara_popovic1 I appreciate it Tamara :). Yeah the idea came to me a few years back but it's our first real startup, so learnin as we go!
Fantastic app! Very user friendly! Has a variety of features, and will connect you with what you're looking for with ease. I hope it keeps growing!
Looks good. Congrats on launching!
@sasa_brkic Thanks a lot man. Hope this is something the PH community will enjoy.
Great idea behind the great App