Never make a customer service call again

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This looks really cool! Just wanted to leave the feedback that I wish I could pay per use, or have you not charge me in months that I don't use it at all. Even $5.99 per use might be worth it to save me 30 minutes on the phone, though of course the lower you could make work the better. I'm wary of signing up for a recurring service because I probably call customer support numbers a handful of times a year. But when I do, this would be great to have :)
This product is off the hook. I submitted a request to solve a DirecTV billing issue. 10 minutes later I received an email from DirecTV with a credit. I would have easily spent 30 minutes listening to hold music. One email to Ringr and they handled it. Thanks Ringr!
Hi Product Hunters, I’ve been handling customer service calls for my mom for years, and used to have my boss fielding customer service calls for him all the time. Thought it was time I set out to try tackle this problem. To kick things off I am giving Product Hunters the first month subscription for free!
@robw_r i signed up and it just left me sitting on paypal. i know i've been charged, but there's no indication that i'm now a Ringr member. No contact info I can find on the website. And no place to log in. What did I just pay for?
Just a heads up, the "RINGR" link in your header is broken.
love the idea. The subscription model makes sense, but as a consumer I'm trying to think if this is a good fit for me (my frequency of customer service calls being once in a couple of months). A pay-per-ticket model sounds more attractive, although I don't know how the economics for such a model would work out.