Have a bot call someone and tell them your message!

This service allows you to make a robot call a given phone number and read out the message you type in. Just type the phone number, the message and you are all set.
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Everyone is pointing out the practical ways that this could be useful, but all I can think about is using it to prank call my friends.
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@josey_orr I personally pranked my fiancee with love notes a few times already.
Sometimes you just need to send someone an urgent message and you are unsure if they will read a text and you cannot talk right now, so placing a call through a bot that sends the message for you might be ideal. This is also helpful to send messages to people with broken phone screens or disabilities to read.
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Feels like a use case would be small companies trying to automate reminders, collections. Gun for repetitive use cases, rather than single use by individuals
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Please include me when you add coupons. I like the idea, but i'd really need to test it.
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@musictriage You can now listen to sample calls as a preview!
@musictriage there are coupons live now.
Wonderful idea for quick reminders. FYI it does not seem to work with international numbers (just tried with an Italian one)
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@vito_margiotta thanks for the feedback, we will be adding more countries as the time goes by and we test the waters. Theres a small text that specifies that only USA numbers are allowed for now.
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@vito_margiotta hey Vito we just enabled numbers from Italy :)