Less noise, better GIFs. A better /giphy for Slack.



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We made RightGIF as a drop-in replacement for Giphy in Slack. We got super annoyed with the inappropriate (and often offensive) GIFs popping up in our team's channels. RightGIF is designed to just get the Right GIF for your chosen meme or phrase. We hope you like it!
Chris MessinaΒ β€” πŸ† PH Community Member of the Year!
@alandownie what was your process for developing your gif selection algorithm? Why do you think Giphy's is so bad?
@chrismessina Giphy is tag based and "crowd sourced". It returns one of any number of matching GIFs based on tags. We use a search algorithm which finds the "most likely" intended GIF and display that.
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Pro tip: set your Slack's Giphy integration to "G" rating to avoid awkward situations in the workplace or worse. 😁
Benyamin ClaymanΒ β€” FileQE
@alandownie How do I change the integration to G rating?
@yozapli at the moment RightGIF is (mostly) SFW... We're in the process of making this configurable.
John MeeseΒ β€” Blogger, Co-founder @ Notable Themes
@alandownie Do you have a way for us to mark offensive images so you can exclude them? Just found one with "/gif explosion"
Ghost InfluenceΒ β€” Social Engineer
@rrhoover @alandownie pro-tip, set it to "unrated" as a litmus test for employees that would sue you once you grow large enough to have an HR department.
Isaac LienΒ β€” Co-founder/Designer at grandPad Inc.
@alandownThis is seriously needed. Giphy has caused one too many "HR Moments"
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