The next generation Oculus Rift (shipping Q1, 2016)

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If I can walk around in a Product Hunt virtual world every morning, and upvote cartoonishly large PH upvote buttons floating around in space just by phsyically slapping them, then life would be pretty solid.
@marc_rosa coming soon (I wish)
@benln I'm building a chamber to lower this onto my face.
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I've been holding out from building a new PC literally for this. Time to start thinking about it again.
excited to see what this is like with ordinary things - like checking the weather. Ethics surrounding this will be huge - will you be allowed to Rift in public?
Damn! When Robert Scoble said we'd be seeing something about this soon (caught him on a Meerkat stream the other night), I didn't think it was gonna be THIS soon.