An audio-based social network

Riffr is a social network powered by sound.
Through the Riffr app, users speak their mind, listen to their heroes, educate others and become informed through the power of audio.
Users follow other Riffrs and have their own followers.
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David V. KimballFounder, Family Friendly Live
Hey there! Just joined. Three things, one: is there a way to select a vanity URL yet? For example, riffr.com/profiles/David-Kimball-639 is my current URL which isn't particularly flattering. Could this be changed to /profiles/davidvkimball somehow? Secondly, the name fields seems to force a first name and last name - no room for a middle initial? :) Thirdly, the Android app wouldn't let me upload pictures, giving me an invalid file type error. But it worked on the website. Just thought you'd want to know! Seems like a great platform! Excited to see it grow.
RiffrOpen Social Audio Platform.
@davidvkimball Hi David, thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on the URL settings as well as increasing the number of name fields. Regarding the picture upload -since we cannot replicate the same error on our end, I would really appreciate it if you could send me the screen shot of the error and email it to support@riffr.com so our engineers can take a look. Thank you!

This product was very useful for me.


I really liked it, a great product! very useful! good luck friend! 👍😀


Nothing to say

Corey CrossfieldMusic, technology, UX design and coffee.
Will you be including any sort of podcasting platform functionality in this?
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