Reward Programs by VYPER

Generate more revenue from your visitors & customers

The VYPER rewards program allows you to create flexible campaigns to increase referral sales for your eCom store.
Some unique features of this tool is that it lets you create many reward configurations.
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While I haven't used Reward Programs by VYPER in particular I have used the Vyper Contest suite to run giveaways on my site since a long while now. With out a doubt what the team produces works and I can't wait to see what this rewards program brings to the table to super charge things even more for my store.
@stuli1989 Thanks mate, appreciate the support :)
Jack here from VYPER. We have been working on the Rewards Program for a while now and have had some great feedback from early adopters. A lot of work, iterations and pivoting happened to make the rewards program powerful but super easy to setup and use. If you have used VYPER before you would have noticed that we are huge fans of gamification and incentivization, which is a huge reason we built the Rewards Program. Giving store owners the ability to - increase referral sales - award points when customers spend in the store - incentives important actions like reviews, sharing your content on social and more If you have any questions at all about the new product add them below and I would love to go through them with you :) Details page -
Love the @vypergrowth contest software and from there it was an easy sell for me to set up the Reward Programs by VYPER for my ecommerce biz. I'm surprised at how well it converts!

It must get results. My good friends who created the app Anime Unlocked use it... good enough for me! The creator of Anime Unlocked bought it the day he saw it and showed me the results. was a lot of traffic.


I'm quitting my Shopify app for Vyper. Vyper is highly personal and intuitive. Vyper does not come across as a bot so people to sign up.


I'm sure Vyper will come up with a solution - Monthly price is reasonable but high for my budget.

Thanks Wes appreciate the feedback :)

As a social media manager, this tool makes the "cold call" obsolete. The interactive ability opens the door to a global marketplace through advocate marketing.


Vyper is very easy to use. It has all the tools we need for optimum promotional impact. It has very competitive pricing.


I have used other programs but we keep coming back to Vyper.

Thanks Meredith :)