Manage, automate & understand your online reviews

Reviewshake helps you manage all your review sites from one place, automate new reviews from your customers and track review performance

  • Pros: 

    Really powerful for the cost -- compared to Birdeye or Yext the value is incredible for small-medium businesses


    Missing features that the more powerful suites have.

    The interface is really easy to use. You can tell they designed it for the business owner to be the end user. It's a clear layout without all sorts of technical features.

    I'm excited to see the promised new features roll out!

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  • Paul Anderie
    Paul Anderie🎖Consultant for Marketing Technology

    Powerful customer insights



    Having the power to use customer reviews at scale is phantastic. I abolute love the product.

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Hey Hunters! 👋 Philip from Reviewshake here, I'm really excited to launch my first product on PH! I started building Reviewshake after noticing just how important online reviews were in my first business. There are lots of review and reputation management services out there but they're either aimed at enterprise (very expensive) or built 10+ years ago! Reviewshake is a new take on review management, and these are our main value adds: 🖥️ Manage all reviews from one place Most businesses have reviews on Google and Facebook, as well as a handful of industry-specific review sites. We sync all these reviews into one dashboard by tracking 40+ review sites (and add more on a daily basis) and send out daily, weekly and monthly review notifications. 🙏 Automate review collection from customers Most businesses don't ask their customers for reviews, even though 70% of consumers will leave a review for a business when asked! Given that 88% of consumers incorporate online reviews into their purchase decision, asking for reviews is a pretty low hanging fruit when it comes to marketing. We automate the entire process using Zapier, API, BCC parse and more, and track results to drive review conversion. 📈 Analyze review performance We use machine learning and natural language processing to help businesses go deeper than just star ratings when tracking their review performance. Each sentence of every review is tagged to an area of your business and assigned a satisfaction score, and our dashboards produce some really insightful data and reports. You can even compare to your competitors by using their own reviews! 😍 Let me know what you think about Reviewshake, I'd love to hear your feedback! We're excited to offer the ProductHunt community an exclusive 50% life-time discount for anyone who signs up and becomes a customer within 1 year.
There are few other solo founders who I think are more capable of shipping high level products than Philip! This is an awesome platform for anyone who's business success is dependent on reviews.
@robert_eiter Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, I really appreciate it!
Looks cool, which review sites does this work with?
@mathewsbabu thanks for your feedback! We work with with 40+ review sites at the moment, including Facebook, Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor and industry-specific review sites for automotive, software, hospitality, medical and more. You can see the longer list here:
How does this compare with Birdeye ?
@p12dpraneeth thanks for your question! Birdeye is heavily geared towards enterprise - as an example, their founder Naveen Gupta recently had an interview and mentioned that their average contract value is $5,000 per location [0]. Over half their company is salespeople, which helps drive the price up. I'm going for a different approach - no sales people, just good software that's more accessible to companies of all sizes. With that said, we don't have the full product suite that Birdeye does. [0]:
Your site says you can automate new reviews - how exactly does this work?
@felix_braberg We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to get new reviews, so automation is key. We have a Zapier integration, API and can parse emails to trigger review invitations being sent from our side, with minimal effort. Here's a bit more background on these options: :)