Helping Shopify merchants monitor & nurture their customers

A Customer Value Optimization (CVO) tool that serves as unique source of truth about customers.
Reveal helps you personalized experiences on website, ads & emails that helps your retain customers and improve customer acquisition with lookalike audiences
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Valentin Radu Hi, I'm Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder at Omniconvert. We are launching Reveal - a new product to empower Shopify eCommerce companies to grow by monitoring and improving customer lifetime value using RFM segments, NPS & cohort analysis.
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@valentinradu Congratulations Valentin for Reveal, this should be really valuable for SHopify merchants. We also have an app on Shopify.Would really like to forward this to our merchant list. Do you have a mailer that you send across?
@rahulvats thanks a lot, Rahul! Let's talk!
@valentinradu It's interesting, but I'm curious if it's actually free or not? In the video and app store it seems to be, but then there is a pricing page on your site with no pricing ( What's the reality? If it is free, how and why? We have to provide a lot of data to make this work and that is a bit worrisome how that is being used?
@callmedpit Hey there! It is completely free for Shopify until the end of the year. For Magento & other platforms, there's pricing depending on the # of customers. There's also an implementation effort to generate the data to ingest in Reveal from other platforms, while in Shopify the integration si seamless.
@rahulvats can you be more specific, please?
Anything by Valentin, especially on CVO, is high quality.
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@dennisyu Thanks a lot, Dennis! This means a lot for me, coming from an industry thought leader like you! But, as you once said to me - the system, the team & the execution, not the idea matters!
Congrats, Valentin & team, for launching Reveal! It seems to be a game changer for the ecommerce industry. πŸš€
@adinajipa, thanks a lot for your kind words!
Really an Amazing invention!!
@nazmul_husain Music to our ears! :)
@valentinradu Very happy hear that. Thank you
@valentinradu I am interested to know more about Reveal. Just inboxed you on FB. Hope that you will reply.
Whatever Valentin and his teams comes up with is high quality. A great product to bring clarity for Shopify companies to have clarity on their customers, cohorts and NPS. Congrats guys
Thanks a lot for your feedback, @carlos_monteiro! This is real fuel for all of us here at Omniconvert!