View auto completed hidden passwords

How many times have you forgotten the password saved by google passwords and have to manually logout or request for a new one without knowing how to view the hidden password?

Reveal will help you make the hidden password visible.

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I suck at remembering passwords and constantly view my saved ones on google password. Frustrated with the inspect element approach, I made this small extension in < 30 mins. Literally less than 15 lines of code. Love to hear if you found this useful :)
Adding that reveal eye icon to the box might be a more convenient solution. Cool idea though, I always have to inspect the password and change the type πŸ˜†
@jakemaldo thank you! So I did think about that but if some else uses your computer, it'll make it so easy for them to know your password. With the current approach only you know that you can do right click > reveal password
Such a simple fix to such a major problem
@chrismessina Thank you :) I knew I wasn't the only one with this problem!
This is brilliant
@naeemol Thank you 😬