Pilot an airplane through 8-bit worlds (new game by Rovio)

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Just in time for the weekend, @peterbucks told me about this new game. Retry is made by (I quote) "the guys sitting in the room next to the guys who made Angry Birds". The visual design is pretty nice and I keep crashing (my plane, not the game). That's certainly why it's called retry because I keep doing this.
The theme song could quite possibly be the best mobile game track of all time.
This web design is great at conveying the vibe right away.
Love the graphics!
@travisjtodd Isn't it funny how we evolved to desire high resolutions and effects in our "graphics" and now love the simple pixel art designs and solid game play? I bet independent developers hope this consumer trend continues!
Watch the trailer, the music is fantastic. Incredibly appropriate. Apparently it's custom for the game as well. Overall seems like the game is a really polished production.